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  • Tree-Protector short (100)


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    Our tree shoot and bud protectors represent a simple and ecologically worthwhile measure not only against game browsing, buck rubs and birds, but also against the formation of tree forks. This is possible due to the appropriate geometry and the high-quality plastic. With the stable, tried and tested snap-fastener, the protectors offer a time-effective protection for both – soft- and hardwood. In addition to the UV-resistance of the colors, there is another benefit: the blue color has a deterrent effect on game. The protectors should be placed on the terminal shoot between September and March. Then, year-round protection is guaranteed.

    Short protector for strong terminal shoots

    1. reusable, adjustable size, special locking system
    2. economic, recyclable
    3. simple application, moveable, easy to transport, stays on the shoot
    4. Available in dark blue, orange, yellow and light blue (biodegradable)
    5. Double-safe tree protector

    6. Bio-degradable short protector
      • Made from renewable raw materials
      • Consumed by micro-organisms when in direct contact with the soil
      • Available in light blue

      • Details

        When positioning the protector below the bud of the terminal shoot, the thin brushes should be pointing inwards. As a consequence, the protector is fixed on the tree. The protector is closed and reopened by the sophisticated snap-fastener and easily moved every season.

        How to use

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