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Signumat Log Tag Hammer 3M (for metal tags)


Signumat - "The Original" - Proven Performance and Quality

The Signumat Hammer 3M, with magnetic head - suitable for Metal and Plastic tag insertion. A regular log tag hammer is also available - click here.. Signumat log tag hammer for plastic tags

Of course, the best labeling technology is only as good as its permanent mechanical attachment to the wood. That is exactly the reason why we also developed an ingenious system that securely and permanently attaches our tags. Thanks to the forged Signumat hammer, securing the tags to the wood is possible with only one blow. This is ensured with a clever ball-and-socket joint that always provides a level impact: simply remove the tag from the magazine – and knock it into the wood with the hammer. Within seconds. The handle has been shaped ergonomically and is manufactured from shock-absorbing wood.