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  • Premium Split Stopper Hammer


    Blow by blow - view the video demonstration HERE

    Field video at the sawmill HERE

    Instructional video HERE
    Split Stopper should penetrate with one strike. Do not hit several times and do not use the back side of the hammer.

    New and Improved! The Premium Setting Hammer enables precise working. A special joint designed by Latschbacher ensures full force transmission and a level impact, even when the hammer is swung at a slight angle or onto unevenly cut surfaces. This ensures neat and thorough placement of the Premium Line or Eco Line Split Stopper with just one single hammer blow. Added benefit: The backside of the hammer allows for attaching our Signumat Log tags.

    • Forged hammer head for an extremely long operational lifetime 

    • Balanced center of gravity for simple, tilt-free hammering 

    • Shaft length adapted to the weight for ideal hammering performance

    For use with our Premium Split Stoppers and Eco Line Split Stoppers.

    United States Patent