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  • Metal Log Tags

    Number Sequence, 5 digits maximum 2. line allows for 5 digits
    2. Line Inscription, if any, up to 5 Letters

    Signumat - "The Original" - Proven Quality and Performance

    Our Metal tag, packed 1,000 per box.

    The tags are made of galvanized sheet steel and have a thickness of approx. 0.6 cm. The metal tags have the same size as the plastic tags, Type 02 (27x43mm), and therefore fit in the standard pick-up magazine. However, a special hammer with magnetic head is required for hitting in the tag, the Signumat Hammer 3M. The "Signumat Magazine" will hold a sleeve of tags for easy and fast dispensing.

    TIP: The tags are especially suitable for the permanent marking of poles and posts.

    Lead time varies