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    Trees in urban areas not only contribute energy and clean the air they are also a significant wellness factor so, therefore they are essential.
    We have developed an identification system that grows with the tree – the patented Arbo tag – because it is more and more important in urban areas to monitor and manage the tree inventories. The tags are made of plastic and have a star-shaped perforation that allows the tag to slide along the nail as the tree grows and as a result avoids growing into the bark.

    Fastening technology

    The practical equipment kit contains the "Arbo tag hammer", "tag magazine and carrying bag combo" or "magazine only" for tags and nails. The especially long handle on the hammer allows for the tags to be fastened beyond a height of 8 feet – so that the tags cannot be removed by unauthorized persons.


    Packed 1,000 per box, our Arbo tags are comparatively inexpensive. Nails are included. Colored black or white, with or without barcode, numbered consecutively or provided with an individual text, they guarantee you with secure monitoring of your urban tree inventory. We recommend getting the full tool set for optimal performance and time savings.

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